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Monday, 20 April 2020 09:50

Farm Client Advice during the Coronavirus Crisis

The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons and the British Veterinary Association, following Government announcements, have advised farm animal veterinary surgeons are key workers.

We are working, but our services are limited to what is considered essential services. In addition, each job is triagedby our staff and vets (essential or not) and a risk assessment is conducted at the time of making the appointment and on arrival of our vets at your premises. It is vitally important to both you and our staff that we observe the 2-metre (“length of a cow”) social spacing while we work together. 

We request your patience in these difficult times as the above draws out the usual process of making an appointment and completing a call on farm. If we do not all observe the Government’s guidelines on social spacing and cutting out unnecessary travelling, our categorisation could be revoked!

Can I collect medicines from the practice?

Yes, when they have been pre-ordered. Due to limited staff availability ideally phone a minimum 48-hours’ ahead. You will be advised at this time on our current pick-up protocol. Ring us as early as possible to add to existing orders or if necessary while you are sitting in your vehicle at our premises.

Which call out types are you still doing?

Each case will be dealt with individually. Our farm vets may be able to give telephone or video calling advice that allows you to carry out the treatment required. The use of photographs or short video clips sent to the vets can help with this. Please ring the practice with any enquiries.

Are there any special requirements when the vet arrives at my premises?

Yes. Staff will ask if anybody on your farm/premises is self-isolating, has COVID-19 symptoms etc. We must minimise risk of transmission when on farm by observing the 2-metre social distance rule. A single farm staff member to assist vets when on farm - there may be exceptional circumstances where more help is required, but our vets will risk assess this when on your premises.

Are you still TB testing?

Yes. We are following current APHA guidelines on TB testing during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Are you still doing Red Tractor inspections?

We are following the Red Tractor guidelines. Red Tractor advised on 25.03.2020 that they are not expecting vets to complete inspections currently and will understand if audits become overdue. Please check for further guidance and updates. If you have any concerns contact the practice and/or Red Tractor for advice.

Can I vaccinate my livestock?

Yes. Subject to availability, we will continue to supply vaccines for you to administer. We ask you to plan ahead, allowing wherever possible more than the standard 48 hours, as we do not have large stocks in the practice as some wholesalers presently have slightly reduced delivery frequency.

What precautions are your vet practice taking to stop the spread of COVID-19?

We are observing Government guidelines. If staff suspect they have any symptoms of COVID-19 they will self-isolate at home. This may affect our day-to-day work and is another reason for triaging calls. 

The above still has not answered my question.

Please contact us directly.