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Osteoarthritis is the most common form of canine joint & musculoskeletal disease.

Signs that you may observe include limping, difficulty in getting up, stiffness along with a reluctance or inability to run, play or climb stairs. It is a chronic and progressive disease and currently there is no cure.

No matter what some manufacturers may claim, they cannot cure this disease. The only cure is to replace the joint.

Thyroid disease in cats

Hyperthyroidism is a condition in which changes within the thyroid gland result in excessive concentrations of thyroid hormone within the circulation. The glands are located in the neck to the side of the windpipe.

The changes within the gland are mostly benign and is referred to as a thyroid adenoma. This is a form of tumour, but is benign in its own right, but problematic in its effects upon the body. Occasionally cases may result from a thyroid carcinoma. This is a far more malignant tumour which means that it may spread elsewhere in the body as is the case for other forms of malignant cancer. It must be stressed that only 2-5% cases are carcinomas.

Fireworks and helping your pet

Firework season is fast approaching and many dogs & cats can find the firework season very stressful.

As owners, we may often find it just as stressful, watching our pets cowering and hiding but feeling unable to help them.

Fear of noises such as fireworks or thunderstorms is a common problem in dogs, and to a lesser extent, cats. Some dogs show mild signs of stress such as panting, pacing, shivering and generally looking worried while others can become extremely distressed and may even become destructive or panicked.

Itchy skin

As well as identifying what causes itchy skin, we can offer a variety of treatments, specialised shampoos, herbal remedies, and high quality supplements.

If you have an itchy pet, it may not just drive them to distraction but also their constant rubbing, licking and chewing may annoy you. Their appearance may also change quite markedly.

Weight loss

If your pet has had a few too many treats and titbits over the festive period, this might be just the right time to have a go at shedding a couple of pounds. If you need persuading, here’s a few reasons why the effort is well worthwhile along with some hints and tips to to try at home. 

Caring for your pet's teeth

Your pet depends on their teeth to eat and chew properly. Routine oral health care is the key to maintaining good teeth and gums. Dental disease is the number one disease of companion animals and over 90% of dogs and cats will have some degree of dental disease by the time they are 3 years old.


Bothered by bugs? Fleas can make the lives of both your pets and yourselves unbearable. They’re not fussy and will quite happily bite humans in their preferred host isn’t available. During the summer months, when the average temperatures are higher, they can go from egg to adult in as little as 14 days and with many hundreds of eggs produced, it doesn’t take long to go from one flea to a plague invading your house. Not only that but they can live in the environment for up to 6 months so can last for an incredibly long time before hopping back onto a passing meal.

Pet Travel Scheme

As of 1st January 2012, the requirements for the Pet Travel Scheme will be altered significantly making it much easier for you to travel abroad with your pet. For many years now, it has been possible for pets to receive vaccinations for rabies and then confirming that these vaccinations have worked by looking at blood samples, a Pet Passport can be prepared for the pet. The requirement for the blood sample is no longer required and a vaccinated pet can return to the country just 21 days after its vaccination so no more waiting around! The implications of this are that any pets vaccinated between now and January would be able to travel at the same time!

Senior cat healthchecks

Cats have long been recognised as having an amazing capacity to recover from some of the insults that life throws its way and in these days of better diet and better healthcare, a cat’s nine lives are lasting longer and longer. We no longer consider cats of ten years or more as old, but we do recognise that their bodies change. With advancing years, a number of conditions tend to stand out as being seen most commonly in the more mature cat.

Senior dog healthchecks

Some conditions creep up on us and our pets as we get older. This information is about these conditions and monitoring for changes.

Breeding from Your Dog

Have you ever thought about breeding from your bitch but didn't know where to start?

Our information leaflet has been compiled by Mairi who has many years of experience breeding and showing her dogs.

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