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Pet health club

Our aim is to make pet care as simple as possible for you, utilising the most effective products and the best advice. It is free to join and the costs of your pet’s healthcare are spread over 12 months. The club also offers discounts to many products and services within the practice to all pet club members.

At Wright and Morten, we recognise and understand how much disease is preventable and how important it is to spot and treat disease in its early stages, especially for older animals, so the inclusive regular checkups are invaluable.

In line with our commitment to excellence in practice, we have selected products for worming that kill the broadest spectrum of worms in your dog or cat found in the UK. The flea product we use kills fleas on your pet and in the environment as well as both species of mange mites, heart worm, and ear mites. Hence your pet is covered for all common internal and external parasites.

Our Plans

YEAR ONE for Puppys and Kittens

Young Pets requiring a full vaccine course (Under 1 yr) which includes neutering as a routine for cats, and there is an option for neutering for all dogs.

PRIME OF LIFE for Adult cats & dogs

For all adult pets below the age of 8 years.  For dogs we now also offer a tablet for flea control, and for cats  we can also provide a version which allows for twice yearly injections for flea control

SENIOR Club for 

For age 8 years and above (increased health screening).

Your Pet Club payment includes:

  • Two health checks per year
  • 10% OFF Annual vaccination
  • 10% OFF 12 months worming control
  • 10% OFF 12 months flea control as well as mange & ear mite protection
  • 10% OFF Neutering (included in kitten & puppy schemes) but optional extra on adults
  • 10% OFF Pet Travel Scheme (Rabies Injections & Passport)
  • The annual vaccination, worming and ectoparasite control (much more than just fleas) all include a 10% discount.

Extra Pet Club Member Benefits:

Also included in being a Pet Club Member is:

  • 10% Discount on Neutering ( spaying and castrates)
  • 10% Discount on Microchipping (if not already microchipped)
  • 10% Discount on Pet Accessories
  • 10% Discount on Dental De-Scales & Polishing

Annual Cover with Direct Debit Monthly Payment Plan:

12 low monthly payments by Direct Debit Monthly Direct Debit Payments

For our latest pricing, see our Benefits Guide in the DOWNLOADS section If you have any questions, please give us a call or drop us a line and we can email you our latest leaflet.

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